Endpoint protection and Security Awareness Training through 麻豆影院

麻豆影院 offers discounts on Sophos Endpoint protection, KnowBe4’s suite of Security Awareness Training tools and Crowdstrike.

Endpoint protection and Security Awareness Training through 麻豆影院
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Sophos endpoint protection through 麻豆影院

Sophos through 麻豆影院 offers endpoint, network, mobile, Wi-Fi and email encription sharing information in real time and responding automatically to incidents.

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Sophos endpoint protection
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Manage the ongoing problem of social engineering with KnowBe4

Streamline and simplify paper flow with Adobe Sign, an incredibly user-friendly way to legally sign documents via computers, tables, phones and more. Learn more about site or district wide options as well as free Spark licenses.

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Crowdstrike with 麻豆影院

Crowdstrike through 麻豆影院 secures your organization with a cost-effective, scalable cloud-native security platform that protects endpoints, cloud workloads, identities and data.

Crowdstrike endpoint protection

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